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Conflicts can be Better!
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Better Conflicts?

A new paradigm

We find that people often miss opportunities for growth, both of themselves and whatever it is they care about in conflictual situations, because they have learned to avoid some experiences in themselves. For some it is to sense aggression in others, and for some in themselves. For some it is to sense vulnerability in themselves, and for some it is in others. Whenever a conflict triggers avoidance, the real opportunity of the conflict is lost.

We can do better!

By learning to notice the avoidance, or getting help with getting to what is really at stake, while focusing on maintaining the relationship, we can transform withdrawal and animosity to growth and learning. This often results in stronger connection and better relationships as the parties get to know themselves and each other better.


We offer...


We train people and teams in handling conflicts in more graceful and productive ways. We start with the individual and their relationship to themselves and we work together to increase everybody's capacity to sense themselves and avoid getting into triggered state.

We also run workshops for the whole team where...

Conflict Mediation

We mediate conflicts with a focus on relationships and helping the parties hear each other.

The people in Better Conflicts

We became friends through mediating conflicts in our local community.

Einar Boson

Mediator, Educator

Mareike Christensen

Mediator, Educator

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